Between light and matter, craftsmanship and design

A new way of conceiving lighting and design. A world where the magic of light blends within creativity, craftsmanship and design.

"The light surrounds us, caresses us, moves us. As immaterial as it is alive, it influences our lives and is the daily basis of well-being and comfort, as well as a design tool. Reflections of light that I perceive down to the smallest details and that inspire my visions and projects."

I'm Andrea Luppichini and for over twenty years my world has been divided between light and matter, design and craftsmanship.

Light as inspiration

Light changes spaces, shaping them in its own likeness, just as an artist would do with his blank canvas. Lighting design, therefore, is not just lighting; It’s the art of transforming places, it’s the meeting point between design, craftsmanship, and creativity, which are mutually influenced to give projects an exclusive identity and style.

Whether we’re talking about lamp designing or a complete lighting system inside a luxury boat, a museum, or a commercial activity, we give life to a tailor-made project, ready to highlight all its potential. 

Matter as form

Unstoppable research: objects and projects that come to life, visions that become matter.

Everything should be designed to satisfy a specific need and bring uniqueness to the environments. Design, therefore, is not only about inventing shapes and objects, but mainly creating something unique, which is both beautiful, durable, and usable.

Working with light in all its forms give us the right skills to design objects, custom made by selected artisans with exclusives and natural materials, giving a touch of uniqueness to the environments around.