A passion that ignites. A life dedicated to lighting.

I’m Andrea Luppichini and for over twenty years my world has been divided between light and matter, design and craftsmanship.

"The light surrounds us, caresses us, moves us. As immaterial as it is alive, it influences our lives and is the daily basis of well-being and comfort, as well as a design tool. Reflections of light that I perceive down to the smallest details and that inspire my visions and projects."

Luppichini Lighting and Design starts from my passion for light and the love for craftsmanship as well as the experience I gained over 20 years.

I strongly believe in beauty and my design is a constant work of balance between form and space to give comfort, well-being, and make people feel at ease.

Imagination, vision and creativity are the core of my daily work; Passion, enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism allow me work with important clients.

I’m always focused on detail and materials, and for this reason I selected the best suppliers and the most experienced craftsmen through the years. That’s how I give life to custom-made objects and projects, that enhance the environments and surprise who lives in.  

I’m passing down my experience and the passion for light and design to my son who’s working with me for some time now.