Creativity and emotion. When light becomes inspiration.

Light is emotion. As intangible as it is essential, it makes exclusives environments and plays the main role in how we perceive the world around.

Our lighting design projects are the perfect combination of technique, art, knowledge, and experience.

Whether we’re talking about a luxury boat, a museum, a home, or a commercial activity, we take care of every project from the initial evaluation to the final project in 3D.


First, we do an in-depth inspection that give us all the necessary information to achieve the best result according to the customer’s needs and the potential of the environments. Later we keep on with the evaluation of materials, finishes, areas of use and style.


Right after we develop photorealistic renderings to give customers a complete and detailed overview of the project. Moreover, we can do a lighting simulation that provides us with some important additional technical data.


Once the preliminary project has been approved, we go straight to the final draft by creating 3D drawings as well as a complete documentation with materials, finishes and technical details.


The skills and experience acquired over the years allow us to follow the project during the production process. We carefully select the best suppliers and provide technical assistance up to delivery.